About Us

A new church for the Redcar & Cleveland Coast

East Coast Church

Our vision is to reach into all the communities along the Redcar & Cleveland coast. These towns and villages are often spoken about in negative terms, but we believe God has an awesome plan for all of them!

A!G East Coast started with a series of Gospel meetings called ‘Redcar Revival’ held at the Tuned In! Centre. Preaching the basic truth of Jesus as the answer for our lives is core to our identity as Amazing!GRACE. We are continuing to run regular evening gospel meetings in Marske, Saltburn and Loftus in addition to Sunday morning family services in Redcar.

The Amazing Grace Movement

Amazing!GRACE is a church network founded in September 2011. We have two churches meeting in the Tees-valley area: one at Teesside Park and the other in Redcar. We also have a church in Tartu, Estonia. It is our vision to plant a number of churches across the UK & Europe over the next few years.

We are non-denominational, evangelical and charismatic. Our membership and leadership is from a wide denominational heritage, as well as non-religious . It is fair to say that most Christian backgrounds are represented within the movement and its leadership.

We believe in both the Word and Spirit; trying to be a lot of both.